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Happy Veterans Day 2017


Thank you to all who have served and are continuing to serve, we are eternally grateful! For all 2017 Veterans Day discounts, free meals, deals and sales, click here.

When thinking about buying or selling remember; the Marr Team is a local affiliate for the Homes for Heroes program in honoring our local heroes by providing commission discounts and rebates through this program when buying or selling homes with us.  Local heroes that are eligible for this program include military, law enforcement, fire rescue, teachers and health care workers.  A portion of the funds are also sent to the Homes for Heroes Foundation that provides financial assistance for wounded and homeless veterans.  We are so proud to work with and honor these heroes.

Let your heroes know about this program and have them contact us for all of the details or sign up here:     HOMESFORHEROES.COM/AFFILIATE/TINA-MARR


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