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Happy Valentines Day!!  While spreading the love, be sure to show your home some LOVE as well! Here are a few ways you can show your home some love this Valentines Day:

  1. Paint It! Don’t be afraid to add color. Whether is neutral color in a powder bath or pop of color with accent walls, showing your home some love with a small painting project to add a splash of color really brightens up your home!
  2. Purge It! Let your home breathe a bit better by purging a space, closet, or even that junk drawer! A small task can really make one feel accomplished while tending to the tidiness of your home with a boost of organization.
  3. Pretty It Up! Spring is almost here, so adding pops of colors inside your home will help prepare you for those Spring flowers outside in a few weeks. Changing out something such as a plant on a table or even adding a new wall hanging, will give your home that pretty feel.

There are many other simple ways you can show your home some love on this Valentine’s Day but make sure to save time for that date night, too! Save other, larger tasks for your Spring cleaning list and stay tuned for more tips!




While celebrating this day of LOVE, the Marr Team would like to show OUR love and appreciation, as we truly LOVE all of our clients!

We are very appreciative to you all for your continued business as well as all referrals…..THANK YOU!

We would LOVE to work with YOU, or someone you know, this year…just give us a call!

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