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If your house is on the market or if you are thinking of selling soon, don’t forget to stage the outdoor living area. These areas can be almost as important as the house to some buyers during their home search. As it heats up this Summer, highlight those outdoor living areas whether it is a deck or patio.

Here are a few simple ways to help:


Clean it up! Make sure the outdoor areas are spotlessly clean, a power wash can go a long way for outdoor furniture, patios, and decks.  You want this area to be an asset to the home buyer not just another area that they need to clean and maintain, one that really pops and catches their eye. This also means de-clutter to open up the space as well.

Keep it maintained!  If you have a deck, make sure it is freshly painted and stained.  While doing this, repair any decking or loose patio pavers while making sure furniture itself is looking good, too.  Even painted metal or wood furniture can be quick to paint with a spray can to touch up where needed. Or add a whole new fresh coat. Maintain the look of all that you have set up. If you have any stairs or railings, make sure they are not loose and make sure any lighting is fully functioning.

Keep it functional!  During showings, whenever possible make sure to have umbrellas up and cushions in place. Keep your outdoor area show ready, fully functioning and to the full potential.  Of course this is weather permitting…but show ready for a back porch/patio is just as important.

Stage for maximum appeal! Many buyers seek not only that functioning space but one they can entertain in, as well. For maximum appeal when showing your outdoor area, have it set as if it was ready to entertain and with color that pops. Think of shade needed, color pops with cushions, rugs, pillows, even table decor on the table.  Every added touch will give that feel of “home” and one that the buyer will want to come back to.

So many great ways to utilize staging in your outdoor areas. Adding that pop of color with a planter, flower pot, and landscape will make all the difference in how buyers see this space. Always keep that in mind when preparing to sell and if you want FREE staging with your listing give our team a call at 214-620-0411, we would love to help you buy or sell a home!

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