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Texas Storms

Many people in North Texas were affected by the storms that came through last night. Rain, wind, and hail can do damage to cars and homes and as you are assessing the damage done today, here are some tips from McKinney Allstate Agent, Kari Heatherly: 

“When looking at your roof for any apparent damage, if you aren’t experiencing any leaks now is the time to call in a reliable roofer to take a look at it prior to filing a claim. If you are experiencing a leak, call your insurance to file a claim immediately! With no leaks, calling in a roofer to check first will assure whether or not a claim is needed.

If your car was hit by the hail and there is not any broken glass, count the dents on the hood/roof/trunk lid and if each has over 15-20 dents, then call in a claim to your insurance. If less, you can always consult with your insurance agent as a claim may not be needed depending on your deductible.”

There is a time frame to stay within when filing claims from date of the storm, so be sure to assess damage done to your property as soon as possible. Walking the perimeter of your home, make sure to look at fence, gutters, and windows for possible damage. Make sure to have your roof checked out, also. If you need a reputable roofing company, contact us today at 214-620-0411 for a list of our approved roofing vendors. We work with local, trustworthy roofing vendors who will be here long after the storm damage.

If you find that a new roof is needed, after you replace that roof be sure to also re-assess your current homeowners insurance policy to make sure you are covered best for future storms. Feel free to call Kari with Allstate to check out their rates on new roof homes….as we know there will be more Spring storms ahead here in North Texas!


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