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Thanksgiving Day Meal Prep

As we are all preparing for Thanksgiving next week, let’s look ahead at ways to make it less stressful. After all, this is a joyous time of year filled with family time and laughter as we express all that we have to be thankful for. Now, a week ahead, is a great time to begin prepping…especially if you are the one hosting the Thanksgiving meal this year!

Make that list and check it twice! Start making that list of all the food items you want to serve on Thanksgiving day. From the turkey to the side dishes and sweet pickles to the pies, include anything and everything you know you will need. Even with a list, it is easy to forget items so take your time when shopping to ensure you don’t miss anything. Shopping in advance is a great way to keep the stress low as Thanksgiving approaches.

While working on shopping list, now is also a great time to take up any family members on their offer to help. When your Aunt offered to bring a pie- take her up on that offer! Many family members love getting together but also feel bad about not contributing if not hosting. So allowing them to bring a side dish, pie, or drink will help you both!

Meal prep is also key when preparing for a big meal in advance. Knowing what items you can pre-make (or even freeze to defrost the day of) will help set you up for a successful cooking time table. Check that turkey to see if it needs to defrost or stay in fridge longer. Looking ahead at all that you plan to prepare will give you that peace of mind to know it is all under control. Even preparing a second list of what needs to be done when to help keep you organized, is another great stress-relieving idea to help you prepare in advance.

Getting your home ready for that special meal is also a fun and joyous time, many even decide to decorate for Christmas early. If feeling overwhelmed, don’t sweat the big areas of your home- just focus on that table. Table settings and table cloths add that pop of color and are instant decor for any Thanksgiving meal table. No need to go overboard or overthink as the main attraction will be the meal you are serving and have worked to prepare for.

As Thanksgiving fast approaches, it is easy for time to fly by without taking in all of the good that comes with this time of year. Preparing in advance for big gatherings by shopping, meal prepping, and decorating helps you not stress out or feel overwhelmed the week of or even day of. When hosting that Thanksgiving meal next week, if you realize you need a bigger home for your growing family for next Thanksgiving or even before Christmas, give us a call…we can help you prepare for that!

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