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Completing larger cleaning tasks that you don’t normally do on a regular weekly or monthly basis is also known as Spring Cleaning! Bring out those brooms and cleaning supplies, time to show our homes some love as we dust off Winter and welcome Spring! Here are a few tips of things to not forget while Spring Cleaning:

  1. Clear as day….wash those windows! Whether you use windex and squeegee/cloth or water hose, give those windows in your home a good clean inside and out. You will be surprised by how many layers of dirt they accumulate over time, especially due to weather. Spray down the screens on the outside of the window as well to give your home that fresh clean and clear look.
  2. While doing that, don’t forget the blinds! It is a great idea to give your blinds a deep clean by cleaning each blade with a dusting cloth and even cleaning rag. If you can’t reach, don’t forget the ladder…..the blinds come up and down pretty easy but what a difference clean blinds will make with that clean window.
  3. Curtains need a good cleaning, too! If you are unable to wash and iron them in your own laundry room, most dry cleaners have options for curtains that will keep them looking nice but give them that fresh look. Many times after being touched or just hanging in a house over time, they collect dust rather quickly.
  4. Call in the carpet cleaner! Deep cleaning your carpets will help keep the carpets looking fresh and new. You can rent a carpet cleaning machine or get quotes from local carpet cleaning companies. Doing this once a year will help maintain your carpets to keep them looking the best they can and lift up any wear and tear.
  5. Have you checked those expiration dates? If not, now is a great time to check that refridgerator for any old food forgotten, giving the shelves and drawers a wipe down. Deep clean the fridge for a great Spring Cleaning task.

These are just a few great Spring Cleaning ideas to add to your list! Flip those ceiling fans in the opposite direction to ensure cool air is flowing throughout your home as you tackle these tasks that will leave you feeling accomplished and ready to take on this new season. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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